Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Download your own Deliverer Safelist

Welcome to this Deliverer Safelist information log...
the safelist with the two, yes two, BIG differences.

You get to SORT YOUR MAIL into categories!
Not only that, you can also select an adjustable 5% 'REDUCEDBLAST SERVICE' to always keep you permanently in touch with your customers

The DSNetwork Concept

And now; you can DOWNLOAD your OWN copy of 'DelivererSafelist' and add your OWN addresses to build your list.

What's more, you get a HUGE reduction in the price for agreeing to receive mail from 'Deliverer Safelist' and sending 5% of it to your own list.

This will help build a powerful DSNetwork all using sorted mail.

AMAZING! It's that simple. So don't delay, download today and make more of yourbusiness with YOUR 'Deliverer Safelist'!

PricesDSIndependent Socket version US$49.99 (Gold members $39.99)
DSIndependent Sendmail version US$39.99 (Gold members$29.99)
DSNetwork Socket version US$24.99
DSNetwork Sendmail version US$14.99


Please feel free to contact the proprietor:webmaster@deliverer.biz

Certain terms and conditions apply see http://www.deliverer.biz/dspla.html