Tuesday, December 25, 2007

PayPerPlay NetAudioAds get paid for every visit


I want to show you how to get a 100% conversion rate on your
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This is not a sales pitch and there is nothing to buy. This
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First there was Pay Per Click advertising which pays you on
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Now there is "Pay Per Play" advertising that will pay you on
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Pay Per Play caters to an audience that is larger than
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Billions of dollars are being spent by big brand advertisers
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Best regards,

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mobillcash pay online and bill your mobile phone account

Mobillcash is a web based payment solution that allows
consumers to make payments online without a

credit card or debit card by charging the payment to their
mobile phone bill.

Customers receive an SMS with payment details and press
"confirm" ; then Mobillcash processes the

charge to their mobile phone bill.

Prospective merchants please sign-up here:

This e-mail was not sent by or on behalf of Mobillcash, Inc.
Mobillcash shall not be responsible or liable to any party
for its content or
method of distribution.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Apologies for downtime

Hi Deliverer Safelist members,

I apologise for the disruption in service at Deliverer.biz.
This is due to circumstances beyond my control at the
hosting provider.

I hope that service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Please, feel free to post to the blog: any messages will be
sent to
the full list when service is resumed.

Peace from the Webmaster

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Invent2win submit good ideas, use your skills

Do you have ideas that might benefit mankind?
Do you have skills that you feel are going unused?
You might like to register here and get a look in on the next light bulb!
Just $9.95 once only.
Your registration will be on file with us until you receive a viable product GUARANTEED!
We review registrations and search our database for candidates to assist with projects. 
Projects are plentiful but at some point we will stop this registration opportunity.
Don't get left out.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

ImgAds an interesting alternative to contextual text ads

In conjunction with Clickbank, ImgAds have created an
easy-to-use advertising system
displaying a product photo AND a text message to display
You can choose the size and shape of the ads and the
background, link and text colors.
Simply copy and paste the HTML markup into your web page and
upload to the Internet.
If a customer buys a product that you advertise you get the

Check out ALL of the other advantages here...


Sunday, August 05, 2007

MyFreeWebsiteBuilder plus special graphics offer

My F.re.e Website Builder Worth $197.00 Yours *F.REE* For A
Limited Time
NO HTML Required..."What You See Is What You Get" Interface.
Easy To Use Comes With 100+ Website Templates Included
Built-in FTP Software For Instant One-Click Publishing.
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Amazing Built-In "Free Cash" Opportunity Where YOU Make Cash

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And for a one-time investment of just $37, you can download
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this is your only chance to grab it at just $37.

Friday, August 03, 2007

SmartDraw professional certificates quickly and easily

Want to reward your employees with a real certificate?
Maybe your company has some sort of incentive scheme or simply in-house training.

This software creates professional certificates quickly and easily.

Each certificate will remain as a lasting proof and reminder.

Try it today!


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Clicks4education traffic exchange

Are you an educator?

This may be of interest...
10 second timer
Personalized splash pages
Each member can create their own recommended programs page
Upload printable bookmarks to promote your business or
Donate to a school of your choice
Earn more cash by shopping in our shopping mall
Great customer service
Contact your upline or downline
Hits Connect Checker System


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Solarwirtschaft reports solar optimism

In March the member states of the European Union seized the
resolution to increase, in the coming 13 years, the
proportion of energy from renewable sources to 20%...

A current study of the Dresdner bank comes to the conclusion
that in the same period the world-wide investment volume in
the sector of the regenerative energies will rise from 45
billion euro to 115 billion euro - a more optimistic
computation of the study suggests an increase up to 250
billion euro.

More background information is given here:


DS is back

Well, you'll be pleased to know that DS is back up and
normal again.
It was an obscure fault in the htaccess system and I hope I
have effected a complete cure.
Sorry for the downtime.
You can send here:

If you check the front page you can see I have put up some
Google ads to help
pay for the upkeep of the list.
So, if you see anything interesting you know what to do!

Peace to you all,

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Deliverer Safelist downtime apologies

Deliverer Safelist appears to be down for an, as yet,
unexplained reason.

Please accept my apologies.
I am currently trying to ascertain what the problem is.

If you want to send to the list you CAN by using the page


This gives f.r.e.e facilities only i.e. small messages only.

Peace and thanks,
Deliverer Safelist

Friday, June 29, 2007

Bidhire will help you find a job no charge

As our way of launching this web site, we will waive any and
all fees for the next 90 days. That will apply to all buyers
and sellers, but not to advertising. So now is the time to
take advantage of our unique and proprietary website for
Are you looking for part time work or temporary employment?
Odd jobs in your area? Just register to use our employment
services, post your job description and let employers come
to you!
Need odd jobs doing? Do you offer part time work or
temporary employment? Register, then use our f.r.e.e job
search engine to find the right people for the job in your
area, and bid for their employment services.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

GreenbearEmail 5 dollars, and an emailbox that beats all

Hi there,

You may not know this, but just about every ISP
and emailbox provider blocks your emails without
you knowing about it. Using this tactic on their
members have cost them sign-ups, money, time and
caused much frustration.

If you have wondered if that webmaster ever answered
your question, or why your password was never resent
to you, or if that family member ever sent you the
price of something - they probably did, and it was
blocked without your knowledge of it.

This doesn't happen at GreenBearEmail. We created an
email service where members choose what they want to

GreenBearEmail is set to explode and you can get it
for NOTHING. Get your US$5 to boot just for
getting your GreenBearEmail box.

Yes, get US$5 to so that you have a headstart on our
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Get an emailbox (no cost) - and get your five bucks too

Thank you for your time

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

e-Flashmob advertising

This is the one of the greatest inventionsfor you to [easily] make money on the net.


=== A Concept Unlike Any Other ===

You see, the concept for E-FlashMob came when the owner saw the news about the real life events called "FlashMobs". There are websites in existence made for posting"FlashMob" events to people, which are focused on OFFLINE events. A FlashMob is when someone posts an event and asks people to show up at this day and time at a location, such as a restaurant or a mall. Thousands of people will show up and for no gain whatsoever. And so the question came...
"Why doesn't anyone do this with websites too?" And E-FlashMob was born.

You get .25 cents each time you flashmob a site.

Advertisers: You need to get a FlashMob right now to get exposure. You won't be sorry using this very unique concept.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Smarterway UK and Euro lotteries

We have been running over 4 years and thousands enjoy playing the UK and Euro Lotteries for free (out of commissions).


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Not just marketers are your downline. Major Football Clubs are using this to raise money from their fans - can also be used for small clubs to raise money - sign them up below you!

Players can be signed up anywhere, take a look!


Smarterway UK lottery

We have been running over 4 years and thousands enjoy playing the UK and Euro Lotteries for free (out of commissions).


EARN Real commissions 20% first levelWINUp to 7,200% better chance of winning!www.smarterway.biz

Not just marketers are your downline. Major Football Clubs are using this to raise money from their fans - can also be used for small clubs to raise money - sign them up below you!

Players can be signed up anywhere, take a look!


Saturday, February 03, 2007

ProfitMart pay $10 every month per web site you give away

Did you know that you can potentially earn a HUGE residual monthly income by simply giving away powerful money-making websites
that are worth more than $300.00 each?

We will pay you $10.00 each and every month for each and every ProfitMart that you give away.
ProfitMart™ has developed the ONLY ClickBank product screenshot directory which automatically places the hottest selling products in each category instantly in each page of your ProfitMart™ web site. That means that not only will each page display relevant products from Ebay, Amazon & Google AdSense ads, but also relevant ClickBank products. Rather than going into the details here, please stop by

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You are going to absolutely love it, and this will help to kick-start 2007 into being your most productive, most profitable year ever.


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