Saturday, June 30, 2007

Deliverer Safelist downtime apologies

Deliverer Safelist appears to be down for an, as yet,
unexplained reason.

Please accept my apologies.
I am currently trying to ascertain what the problem is.

If you want to send to the list you CAN by using the page

This gives f.r.e.e facilities only i.e. small messages only.

Peace and thanks,
Deliverer Safelist

Friday, June 29, 2007

Bidhire will help you find a job no charge

As our way of launching this web site, we will waive any and
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Saturday, June 09, 2007

GreenbearEmail 5 dollars, and an emailbox that beats all

Hi there,

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If you have wondered if that webmaster ever answered
your question, or why your password was never resent
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price of something - they probably did, and it was
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This doesn't happen at GreenBearEmail. We created an
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GreenBearEmail is set to explode and you can get it
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Thank you for your time

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

e-Flashmob advertising

This is the one of the greatest inventionsfor you to [easily] make money on the net.

=== A Concept Unlike Any Other ===

You see, the concept for E-FlashMob came when the owner saw the news about the real life events called "FlashMobs". There are websites in existence made for posting"FlashMob" events to people, which are focused on OFFLINE events. A FlashMob is when someone posts an event and asks people to show up at this day and time at a location, such as a restaurant or a mall. Thousands of people will show up and for no gain whatsoever. And so the question came...
"Why doesn't anyone do this with websites too?" And E-FlashMob was born.

You get .25 cents each time you flashmob a site.

Advertisers: You need to get a FlashMob right now to get exposure. You won't be sorry using this very unique concept.