Thursday, July 30, 2009

Deliverer Version 2 downloads prices slashed

This to advise you that I have just lowered the prices of the Deliverer Safe List Version2 downloads to €1 and €2.

For Sendmail

For SMTP Socket

This is to make way for the new Version 3 which I am just 'boxing' up now and should be available in a few weeks. You will be able to upgrade from V2 to V3 (with a few problems).

Version 3 will probably sell at €16 and €9.50 (which is the old Version 2 price).

V3 includes the ability to use Cron sending, which makes it much more server-friendly, plus some minor alterations to improve performance.

For the complete Deliverer Story, and a couple of special offers, send an email here

Peace and thanks again,

Nigel Reuben Barksfield,

CEO and webmaster