Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New feature added to Deliverer Safe List

Good day,
I am pleased to announce that Deliverer Safe List members can now get increased exposure of their advertising emails with the addition of Dynamic Display. This feature allows clients to have their emails published on the Deliverer.biz and Deliverersafelist.co.cc websites as well as to the Deliverer safe list itself. If you send to the safe list, you should see your emails on the front/home page (provided they were allocated categories and sent correctly) and also on the email-marketing page page.
Hopefully, this provides a rich content for search engines to index and means increased interest in the whole advertising system.
We can all help increase exposure to this new page by adding it to Favorites/Bookmarks and promoting it in your favourite places over the Internet.
Thanks for your time,

Peace from the webmaster,

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