Thursday, December 08, 2011

Deliverer Safe List version 4 and Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all members.

I am very pleased to announce that the latest version of Deliverer Safe List V4, is now available to download. It now features:

- automatic configuration of files when installing,
- dynamic display of sent emails on site.

PLUS all the regular ideas, such as server controlled sending to help load equalisation, hourly reporting, Repeat Message Protection, and lots more.
For more information, please check here:
Information about DSNetwork safe list software

There is NO change in price in spite of the extra functions,

DSNetwork Sendmail Euros 9.99
DSNetwork socket   Euros 16.99

DSIndependent Sendmail Euros 29.99
DSIndependent socket   Euros 36.99

All with a 16-day, money-back guarantee.

You can buy direct from here:

OR, buy from Click2Sell here:  Network Sendmail 9.99 Euros
Network Socket 16.99 Euros  Independent Sendmail 29.99 Euros  Independent Socket 36.99 Euros