Wednesday, October 12, 2016

LeadsLeap social review service

I have been a member of LeadsLeap for some time and am most impressed by the new 2.0 version. It must be one of the best sites out there with great advertising and tracking systems. Now it has a new service - social reviews. You should post an honest review of your favourite web site(s), which others may read, and maybe sign up using your link. Equally, if you are undecided about whether a service is useful, or trustworthy, you can go to LeadsLeap social review service, and perform your due diligence. Then, to make the system work, you can sign up for that program using the link provided by the reviewer.
After a successful launch, the system has been upgraded to include the following type of page:

Social review page for Deliverer Safe List

So, I would like you all to follow the link above, and leave your honest review of Deliverer Safe List. If it is negative, perhaps you could send me a copy, and I will prepare my defence! I will post the reviews on this blog if possible, and the most interesting will get a FREE Gold membership!