Monday, June 24, 2019

Freerice educational game that gives rice to the hungry

How Freerice Works
As you play Freerice and answer questions correctly, messages from our sponsors appear on your screen. When you see one of these messages, you trigger a financial payment from the sponsor to the World Food Programme to support its work saving and changing lives around the world.

In the game, these payments are represented by grains of rice. The amount of money generated when you view a sponsored message is roughly equivalent to what the World Food Programme spends to purchase ten grains of rice.

By playing, you are generating the money that pays for this rice. The money is also used to pay for other types of assistance — not only rice — depending on where needs are greatest.

Regardless of the type of assistance, you can be sure that 93.5% of every payment received by the World Food Programme goes directly towards helping children and their families.

Freerice game

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Friday, June 21, 2019

Adzbriick new minting platform launching

Mint Adzbrick tokens daily;
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Referral bonuses;
Get paid in bitcoin.

Launching July, 2019

Thursday, June 13, 2019

DrLWilson fascinating article about somatids

Somatids are a type of extremely small body cell found everywhere in human beings and animals. The majority exist in the small intestines, but are made by mitosis in the brain.
Somatids, in contrast to most normal cells, can change their form and their functions - pleomorphism.
According to the work of Gaston Naessens and others, there are at least 15-21 forms that the somatids can take. Furthermore, the forms found in your body may be controlled by your lifestyle!
How do somatids interact with our normal metabolism? Why don't all scientists understand them? Please, search the internet and send your answers to this safe list. Thanks.

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