Saturday, October 12, 2019

DazlinDolla grab a dollar and join the throng

An Extraordinary Platform Where $1 Teamwork Strategy = Thousands

No problems as everyone has a buck lying around, between the couches, in the car, in the pocket, in the piggy bank, change from convenience stores, grocery shopping, shopping in general; right?

Great PIF system, join in the matrixes!

Massive instant advertising in the back office ($1 one-time out of pocket for this service). One heck of a value.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Cryptodaily How To Securely Transfer Crypto To Your Heirs

The conundrum is how to pass your bitcoin private keys to your heir (who may be too young to understand security) without using a third party which is a serious security breach.

There is a new, hardware wallet solution (like a super Trezor) called Keevo which provides four-factor authentication. It claims to have solved the conundrum once and for all. It uses fingerprints, smart-will technology, paperless storage, and multi-factor/multi-sig authentication amongst many other features to make it a true next-generation service.

Keevo supports the major cryptocurrencies like ETH, Dash, LTC, XLM and many more.